What is Sexual Freedom?

Sexual Freedom is “the ability to choose to have a consenting, confident, satisfying sex life, in the absence of sexual dysfunction, guilt and shame” – Karen Riley, Founder of Sexual Freedom Hypnosis.

The most powerful sexual organ is our mind but it can work against us in the bedroom and bring stress and strain to our relationships.  Sex, intimacy and affection are basic human needs that sit right up there with the air we breathe and the food we eat.

At least 40% of women and 30% of men experience difficulties enjoying normal sexual activity, either as an individual or in their couple.  This may include their physical pleasure, desire, preference, arousal or orgasm.

Our sexual relationships and our intimacy with others play a huge part in our lives but they don’t always come easily or naturally and this can quickly lead to anxiety and dysfunction.  The root cause can be complex, but whether it’s the attitude or teachings of our parents, peer pressure, previous experiences or what we see on TV or other media, our feelings about sex and the belief system that takes hold of us can have a dramatic effect on how we perceive our sexuality and can so easily become an area of contention in our relationships.

How can hypnosis help?

Sexual Freedom Hypnosis is a state-of-the-art hypnotherapy programme, designed to help people overcome sexual issues and concerns and find pleasure, satisfaction and peace of mind in their sexuality.

As a Sexual Freedom Hypnosis Practitioner, I work with you as an individual, or as a couple, to find a way through to what nature made possible, in an open-minded manner without embarrassment or judgment. By exploring the underlying causes of psycho-sexual issues, I help you facilitate lasting change and move towards a healthy, enjoyable relationship with your body, your sensuality and your sexuality.

It is recommended that any medical complications be ruled out prior to commencing a course of therapy. Please talk to your doctor to address or eliminate physical causes. I can then help you to deal with the psychological impact of any interventions and help restore your confidence and embrace your sensuality.

Some of the many areas where we can work together are:

Sexual confidence
Sexual anxiety
Lack of libido or arousal
erectile dysfunction
ejaculatory issues
testosterone deficiency
Sex addiction
vaginal dryness
difficult or painful intercourse
performance anxiety
issues with intimacy
over-reliance on porn
post-birth issues

and, additionally, for the LGBTQ community:

Sexual identity
Confidence to come out

Within the boundaries of consent and, of course, as long as any activity remains within the law, the sexual world is full of wonderful opportunities that can be explored and enjoyed.  Your sexual freedom is important and you deserve to have the best sexual experience possible.

Please don’t suffer in silence. 

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