Hypnotherapy in Business

Whether you are part of a global concern or a small business entrepreneur, the attention you pay to the mental wellness of you and your employees can be a key element of success.

“Mental health is a process; drive the car well and you’ll get where you want to go”

The success of any business is only the sum of the commitment and capabilities of those within it.  Big or small, companies are reliant on their employees.  Considerable time and money is spent on training and educating staff to move them forward but the right mindset can make all the difference and its value is often overlooked.

Hypnotherapy is a cost-effective way of managing that mindset and bringing greater rewards.  Consider, for example, a networking event or a pitch to new clients, where your organisation’s representatives exude appropriate levels of confidence, remain calm and focused, speak eloquently and appear approachable and interesting when engaging in conversation.  Or, perhaps, there is that employee that you had placed so much hope in as a shining star at interview, but something isn’t quite right.  The mindset of an employee, at any level, that is working with you rather than against you is a prime business asset.

When you are starting or operating a business there is undoubtedly a strain on resources, both internal and external.  There is lots out there to help secure financing through loans and grants, plenty of support and advice to master the digital world, planning and customer creation and retention. BUT – one of the most important resources is the help and support that is available to you and your team as individuals, as the human beings behind that business.

A strong, healthy, focused mind is a major player in any winning formula.  Coping effectively with the day-to-day stress of an entrepreneurial or big business world can make all the difference to your mental health and your ability to balance the demands of work or business with a satisfying personal life.

The trials and tribulations of the business world can challenge even the best of us.  Add into this the world we live in outside working hours and it’s not difficult to see how our thoughts, emotions, reactions and behaviour can reflect the strain.

Hypnotherapy as a prime business tool

Hypnotherapy works with your personal needs and your unique traits to keep your mind in tip-top condition so you can remain in the ‘flow’.  Maintaining a healthy mindset is as important as buying that new computer – it’s your personal software – and when that software has a ‘bug’, the whole system gets affected.  Whether it’s you, or those you rely on to make your business a success, that software runs productivity, motivation, job satisfaction, commitment, focus, creativity and, ultimately, dictates health – both mentally and physically.

For businesses big or small, teams or individuals, in groups or one-to-one sessions some of the many areas where we can work together are:

  • Confidence
  • Building self-esteem
  • Maintaining motivation
  • Successful presentations
  • Overcoming anxiety
  • Managing stress
  • Assertiveness
  • Meeting participation
  • Beating self-limitations and mental blocks
  • Achieving goals
  • Facing challenges
  • Retaining focus
  • Increasing creativity and innovation
  • Effective communication
  • Problem solving
  • Successful networking

Alongside, and in support of, a business focus, hypnotherapy can help on a personal level so that those who contribute to the organisation can direct their attention to their roles and responsibilities.  That substantial proportion that makes up the home life can impact, often detrimentally, the working day.  When there are problems outside work, they often find their way in and encroach on motivation and performance.

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