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let’s look for rainbows

Could your world feel better?

Do any of these words mean something to you?

Worried, in pain, anxious, tense, traumatised, stressed, overwhelmed, phobic, fearful, angry, hurt, sad, low mood, confused, aimless, depressed, unhelpful thoughts, blocked, holding on to the past, frustrated, trapped, fatigued, challenged, struggling, lost, isolated, helpless, under-performing ….

Do you ever wish you felt…

Calm, in control, peaceful, content, happy, aware, present, relaxed, free, thriving, confident, stable, self-assured, balanced, resilient, focused, positive, hopeful, connected?

Do you want to work together to find the right mindset to be able to do what you want to do and bring your mind and body into balance to be the best you can be and feel the best you can feel?

Sometimes the hardware works much better when the software has been tweaked and updated…..


Do you go to the gym regularly with the aim of keeping your body in good shape?

Do you keep your car serviced and running well?

Do you make sure the tank has fuel and the tyres have air before you set off on a long journey?

Our mental well-being is so important but we don’t always give it the care and attention it deserves. It’s easy to overlook the impact our minds have on us and our physical bodies with the demands of modern life. Often, when we realise that something isn’t right, we don’t know where to turn or how to get where we want to be.

How does how you feel, think and behave carry over into your life now? How would you prefer to feel, think and behave? How would you like to live your life? Who would you like ‘you’ to be? Would you feel better if your chronic pain could be reduced or eliminated?

I’m not claiming to be able to make you a millionaire or find you the perfect wife or husband but I will work with you to find the best version of ‘you’ – whoever that may be – the very unique and individual ‘you’ – and help create the necessary changes to take you there, however big or small.

Who am I?

My name is Isi Murray and I am a qualified and registered Professional Clinical Hypnotherapist. My vision is to help you achieve the mental, emotional or behavioural changes you need or want that can, in turn, bring about differences in your everyday world. We will work towards a ‘you’ that is ready to face whatever you are facing in your life, armed with a better understanding of yourself – your thoughts, your emotions and how you act and react to things as they happen. Based on your desired outcome, my work is integrative and multi-modal, drawing from a broad technique base that will be structured to suit you and your individual goals. Therapy is combined with hypnosis to help you make changes for the better that will have a positive and lasting effect outside of therapy.

Alongside my practice in Cornwall, England, I am now also working remotely both in the UK and internationally thanks to the wonderful power of technology and have been able to help clients, securely, in a relaxed environment in their own homes at times to suit them, without being inconvenienced by location or time difference. I also offer intensive programmes which are combined with holiday packages in Cornwall so that you can make your therapy a memorable experience in more ways than one.

Registered on the General Hypnotherapy Register

My Promise to You…

Whether we come together for pain management, general hypnotherapy or in relation to an area of specialist expertise.

  • Throughout our therapeutic relationship I will be focused on you….. I will learn about you, and I will listen to what you want or need … and I will help you and support you to the best of my ability.
  • I limit my client numbers so that I can commit to a quality service, working behind the scenes for each and every session, to tailor your experience.
  • My restricted client base means I do not ‘clock watch’ – we have a ‘session’, not 55 minutes or one hour – our sessions will be what is right for you and for that stage of your growth.
  • I will be honest with you throughout …. if, during any stage of treatment, I don’t believe I can help you, then I will not waste your time, but will support you in alternative choices.

I invite you to review the pages of this website for more specific information and suggestions as to how hypnotherapy can benefit you. You will find detailed sections on my work with hypnosis in a therapeutic context in the specialist areas of:

Everyone who feels depressed, unhealthy or unbalanced should consider Isi and her professional help. I am grateful and feel amazing again.

It feels great to be able to live, work and enjoy the simple things around you. Thank you Isi. I appreciate your help.

I am absolutely delighted with the outcome of our sessions. Isi, thank you so much.

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