Are you and/or your partner struggling with a difficult path to pregnancy?

Are you losing your sense of self as each month is marked with sadness?

Do you wish you were in a better place …. mentally …. emotionally…. physically?

Are you thinking of starting a programme of Assisted Reproductive Technology?

Your mindset has a big part to play in your life and how you live it.  It can be particularly important in achieving a successful, healthy pregnancy, whether natural or assisted (including IVF), and even in the birth of your baby and beyond, helping maintain well-being into early parenting.  It is easy to overlook this as your world becomes more and more geared towards bringing your baby into being and managing the drama in your life that this process can entail.  Your mindset is a collection of thoughts and beliefs that determine how you make sense of the world and your place in it, what you consider important, what you are sensitive to and what you notice in any given situation; what is frightening, what is exciting….. what choices you make and how you act and react to things around you.

Intrusive thoughts, runaway emotions and behaviours can impact every aspect of the fertility journey and it’s not difficult to see how easily efforts to conceive can start a downward spiral towards fear, worry, anxiety and depression.

The mind has incredible power over the body and when our minds are working at less than optimum, then it seems to make sense that this can have a knock-on effect on our bodies, including the delicate balance of our hormone production, ovulation, sperm quality and motility and other reproductive factors.  The ultimate goal is to have the body and mind working together in harmony for maximum effect.

Certified as a specialist Fertility Hypno-Psychotherapist (Easibirthing® Method – National College of Hypnosis and Psychotherapy), I am committed to working with you, and/or your partner, to increase/maximise your chances of conceiving and carrying your baby to term.  Developing and maintaining a healthy mindset can benefit you at the outset, can help to restore balance if efforts to conceive are becoming overwhelming, can help support early medical interventions and can increase success rates for IVF and other associated procedures.  It is worthy of note that a study by Levitas in 2005 showed double the clinical pregnancy success rate with the use of hypnosis in cases of IVF and embryo transfer.

The main focus of therapy is helping you to get pregnant but there is so much more to the story that should not be overlooked.  The emotional and mental cost of infertility can be high, the pressure on relationships, including your libido and that of your partner, can be immense, and your own view of yourself, the world around you and those in it can change dramatically.

  • You may feel as if your life and body have been taken over – you may even have lost your sense of control
  • Your stress levels, whether you are aware of these or not, may be affecting your chances to conceive
  • You may have lost sight of life outside of fertility, avoiding social circles or navigating difficult conversations about your journey
  • Communication with those nearest and dearest to you may be strained

Hypnosis, combined with therapy, is a wonderful tool to:

  • help adopt a fertile mindset
  • Restore confidence – whether it be in yourself as a person, in your body, as part of a couple, as a future parent
  • Help you to feel more positive about your journey, to re-gain perspective and maintain it
  • Manage pressure and stress and enjoy a more calm and relaxed environment, both within yourself and around others
  • Build coping mechanisms that can help mitigate the more difficult moments on the path to becoming a parent
  • Resolve past trauma and inner conflict or uncover unconscious blocks which may be interfering with conception
  • Enhance the chances of IVF success

Although I can’t guarantee a pregnancy, I can and will do my very best to make sure that you and/or your partner are in the best mental and emotional state possible to maximise that mind-body connection to help that sperm find that egg or to support embryo transfer or other assisted reproduction techniques.

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